#20: Why is your dog barking? What they might be telling you and how to help them stop- with guest Linda Michaels

Does your dog's barking drive you crazy? If you want some peace and quiet, listen to this episode to understand how to tell what they might be telling you and how to help them stop.

This episode answers questions like:

  • How to understand dog barking
  • Why is my dog barking for no reason?
  • How much barking is normal for a dog?
  • Are bark collars (citronella, vibrating, or shock) good for stopping excessive dog barking?
  • Are squirt bottles or coins in a can good for stopping dog barking?
  • Should dogs bark all the time?
  • Will a dog eventually stop barking?

My guest and the author of Do No Harm Dog Training & Behavior Manual and The Hierarchy of Dog Needs®, Linda Michaels, uses her advanced training in psychology and neuroscience to help us do better for our doodles. On this final and part three of our interview, she lends her expertise to help bring you some relief from barking. 

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