#24: Why is your dog barking on walks?

why is dog barking and lunging on walks the doodle pro podcast with victoria baker

Join me for the first half of my interview with trainer Victoria Baker as we dive into her specialty- reactivity!  Understand WHY your doodle is barking, hiding, lunging, and more on walks AND why the most popular advice DOESN'T work!

Is your dog lunging and barking on walks?

On this first half of my interview with certified dog trainer Victoria Baker, we address questions on leash reactivity such as:

  • Why has my dog suddenly become reactive?
  • Can reactive dogs get better? (YES!)
  • Why do dogs bark at other dogs or does my dog bark on leash?
  • How to walk a dog that barks at other dogs or barks at everything?
  • Why do dogs bark on walks?

Meaning of Dog Reactivity

The dog doesn't have to be going crazy at the end of the line. The dog could be hiding behind your legs.

But that's still reactivity because your dog is reacting negatively to whatever the trigger is that's causing it. Which could be another dog, it could be a human, it could be a random tree stump in the middle of the yard, and your dog freaks out over that. But it doesn't have to always be the lunging and the snarling and the growling to be called reactivity.

We want to make the dog feel safe and comfortable on a walk and happy. And anything that's not, that is basically leash reactivity.”

Victoria Baker on Ep #24 of The Doodle Pro Podcast

Reactive Dog Trainer

Victoria brings her expertise as a reactive dog trainer in Denver, Colorado to help doodle parents around the world understand why your dog barks on a leash but not off and that reactive dogs can get better. Understanding the underlying reason that your dog barks like crazy on walks or is lunging at cars or bikes on walks is the first step to fixing the issue and having peaceful and enjoyable walks together.

Catch part two of our conversation where she explains HOW to fix the issue on Episode #25 of The Doodle Pro™ Podcast (released 12/15/22). On that episode, she'll guide you on how to stop dog barking on leash and how to stop dog reactivity on leash.

Read the full transcript HERE.

Want to understand more about why your dog is barking in general? Catch episode #7 with Dr. Sif the Vet!

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