Tips for Grooming Doodles & Poodles at Home

Doodle parents everywhere have one big fear when they go to the groomers.  “I don’t want them to have to shave down my pup!” 

Matts are very uncomfortable for dogs.  They can cause irritation, pain, and potential skin infections. To avoid matts, and the subsequent shave, thorough and regular grooming is necessary.

Line Brushing

Your goal with your doodle is to brush all the way down to the skin. Slicker brushes are great, and the good ones give you a good start. But most only brush the top part of the fur.  You need a stainless steel comb to be able to pass through down to the skin.  Here’s a great tutorial of the line brushing you want to do to avoid matting.

As a mom of a standard poodle and a petsitter for hundreds of Denver doodles, I’ve had a chance to sample almost all of the grooming tools out there.  I’ve tried the bargain and the best, and I’m happy to share the products that are worth it and actually work. 


Biggest mistake doodle parents make with grooming?  Giving a bath when there are already matts or tangles!  Water really cements tangles and matts, making brushing them out often impossible.  Before a bath, you want to do a thorough brushing. 

We like these for bathtime shampoo and conditioner.

After the bath, you want to use a high powered pet dryer to straighten the coat, drying and brushing the same time.  You’ll end up with a fluffy pup, but it’s so much easier to brush through afterwards and the curls will return quickly.  You can use your personal blowdryer instead, but they are often louder and not as powerful. Dogs usually don't like the drying experience to last any longer than it has to!

Nail Trimming

Courageous enough to stay on top of nail trims at home? Here are our favorite nail clippers. They are sharp enough to do sliver size trims, which are great as you nail the right length (pun intended!).

Happy grooming to you and your doodle!

Disclaimer: I certify that I either personally use these products or have used them for clients. Whenever possible, I use an affiliate link.

Click here for our favorite groomers in the Denver area.

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