Your doodle doesn't want to drop out after puppy kindergarten.

Your furry best friend is a lifelong learner. Sure, they've learned how to potty. But they've still got a lot of growing up to do

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  • Does your Doodle roommate run on a little too much Red Bull?
    • Help them move from zoomies to zen and learn how to relax!
  • Do you worry that they aren't getting the most out of life and are just laying around the house bored?
    • Learn how to give them an enriching and full life, exercising not just their body but their brain!
  • Do you want everyone to love your best friend as much as you do when they come over (and stop apologizing for being jumped on or barked at)?
    • Have a well-mannered dog that calmly greets guests and walks politely on leash.

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