47: Stress-Free Doodle Care: Laura Monaco Torelli on Collaborating with Vets and Groomers


Doodle parents know that proper care and grooming are essential for their furry companions. But, as many can attest, the process can be quite stressful for both the Doodle and the owner. In this insightful podcast episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with expert animal trainer Laura Monaco Torelli, who shared valuable tips for collaborating with vets and groomers to create stress-free experiences for our beloved Doodles.

The Importance of Communication

The key to a successful relationship with your Doodle's vet and groomer lies in open communication. Laura suggests that Doodle parents should be proactive in discussing their pet's needs and sharing any concerns or preferences. By establishing a clear understanding of expectations, Doodle parents, vets, and groomers can work together to ensure the best possible care.

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Understanding Your Doodle's Body Language

Laura emphasizes the importance of understanding your Doodle's body language as a means of detecting stress or discomfort during grooming or vet visits. She advises Doodle parents to educate themselves on the subtle cues their pets may exhibit, such as lip licking, trembling, or hiding. This awareness allows owners to advocate for their Doodles and address any concerns with the professionals involved.

Taking a Gradual Approach

One common pitfall that Laura identifies is the desire to “get it all done” in one visit. While it may seem efficient, this approach can often lead to increased stress for your Doodle. Instead, Laura recommends breaking up the tasks into smaller, more manageable sessions. For example, rather than scheduling multiple vaccines or treatments in a single visit, consider spacing them out over several appointments. This gradual approach can significantly reduce your Doodle's anxiety and improve their overall experience.

Collaborating with Trainers

In cases where a Doodle may have a history of stress or fear associated with grooming or vet visits, Laura suggests seeking the assistance of a professional trainer. These experts can work closely with both the Doodle parent and the care providers to develop a plan that addresses the specific needs and concerns of the pet. Additionally, trainers can provide valuable resources, such as videos or handouts on dog body language, to further educate and empower Doodle parents.


Caring for our beloved Doodles is a responsibility that requires the collaboration of multiple professionals, including vets, groomers, and trainers. By maintaining open communication, understanding our pet's body language, and taking a gradual approach to care, we can ensure that our Doodles have the best possible experience. As Laura Monaco Torelli shares in this informative podcast episode, working together as a team is the key to achieving stress-free Doodle care.

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