Ep #4: How to Get Your Doodle to Stop Jumping: Stop being embarrassed when guests come over & on walks & be proud of your doodle’s polite behavior!

Are you at your wit's end trying to stop your doodle from jumping on people? Are you embarrassed when they jump all over your guests or repairman?

Animal trainer Emily Martin, owner of Pawsitively Pets, is on the show today. Emily shares how her zoo background of over two decades led to her successful Colorado dog training business. She also shares her expert advice on how to teach your doodle to stop jumping on people and give a more polite greeting.

Highlights include:

  • Training with treats (5:05)
  • Use of Aversives (9:32)
  • Society Polling Results (13:50)
  • Why Do They Jump (17:11)
  • Techniques to Stop Trying (19:26)
  • Techniques that WORK! (26:12)
  • Expectations (36:52)

Find Emily's free handout on teaching polite greetings at  https://pawsitivelypets.org/freetrainingtips/ or follow her at instagram.com/pawsitivelypetstraining.

Find my list of doodle's favorite treats discussed in this episode at thedoodlepro.com/toptreats

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