#23: Puppy Socialization- What It Is & How to Do It, Pt 2

On part two of my interview with the professionals that literally wrote the book on puppy and dog socialization, we will dig deeper into the common myths, mistakes, and successful techniques. You can try these instead to make sure your doodle is comfortable and confident for life. Catch episode 22 to hear the first half of our interview.

puppy socialization book eileen anderson marge rogers the doodle pro

In this interview with the authors of Puppy Socialization, What It Is and How to Do It, Marge Rogers and Eileen Anderson, you'll find answers to questions like:

– How to deposit into your puppy's bank account
– What do appropriate greetings with your puppy look like and how to guide them?
– How to use a puppy socialization checklist
– Where to socialize your puppy
– Your dog might NOT be asking for belly rubs when they roll to their back for pets
– Why is your doodle having submissive pee, or “glee pee”?
– Puppy socialisation before vaccinations
– Can your puppy socialize with vaccinated dogs?
– How much socialization does a puppy need?
– Can you socialize a puppy before vaccinations?

Find the ASVAB recommendation on puppy socialization timing here.

Read the full transcript at https://thedoodlepro.com/23transcript.

Do you want help keeping track of all the sights, sounds, textures, places, and people to which your doodle needs positive, ongoing, and quality exposures? Don't try to keep track of it all in your mind by using my free Doodle Puppy Socialization Checklist!

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Listen to Pt 1!

puppy socialization book the doodle pro eileen anderson marge rogers

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