Your dog can feel happy

when you're away!

You'll feel relaxed about your dog when you're out of town and know they are loved and happily playing with doodle furriends!

(they might even have a better trip than yours!)

You know they will build their confidence & social skills as they are only playing with other healthy doodles who have been screened by careful temperment tests & have up to date vaccinations.

They return home as allergy-friendly as they left. 

No husky or lab hair to be found.

They stay clean in the yard year-around playing on top-of-the-line artificial turf & play with other dogs that GET their unique play style!

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You want your dog to have best furriends & setting up doggie playdates is hard with a busy schedule.

(and sometimes your friend's dog isn't the most well-mannered playmate- awkward!)

You feel at peace snuggling your doodle on your couch at night, scrolling your phone, watching tv, and rubbing their belly.

You sometimes pause and wonder if your doodle is as happy and healthy as they can be.

been there.

You want a place you trust and know your dog loves as much (sometimes even more- gasp!) than home.

You want your doodle to have more exercise and have regular furriends they love to play with. 

You'd feel excited about your doodle's visit and know they are having socialization & enrichment they couldn't have at home (even though you'll miss them so!).

While you'll never not miss them, it's time to feel good about traveling!

4 doodles at the doodle pro

“I have peace of mind knowing he’s well taken care of in a loving home. The shed free stay is also a worry free stay!”

Jennifer T.

“Whether it be napping by the fireplace or playing outside, your dog is sure to feel right at home.  It’s awesome to be able to feel so at ease while away from your babies. Seriously couldn’t recommend her enough!”

Lacee L.


Shed Free Stay™

Boarding & Daycare

Introducing the only professional boarding program exclusively for non-shedding dogs- led by me, a pro trainer in a cozy home environment!

Here's what's included:

your doodle deserves more than "good enough"

Ready for peace of mind

when you're out of town or at work?

Put your dog on our waitlist to be the first to know when interviews reopen.

Our waitlist has 75 families and counting, so don't wait until you need to schedule care. (You can sign up when you get on your breeder's upcoming litter list!)

In person interviews are scheduled 1-2 times a year with families from our waitlist (based on openings).

kind words


“Recently having moved to Denver, I knew I wanted to find someone that could create a comfortable home environment for my dog. Corrine has given me a peace of mind knowing my dog is getting 24/7 love and attention. Scheduling, pickup and drop off is a breeze! “

– Madeline C.

"no one better"

There is no one better than Corinne, The Doodle Pro! Moose is thrilled when we drop him off for a stay and we are confident that he is in the best of hands! It has become his home away from home and we are so appreciative.

– Olivia M.


You could travel less instead.

Will your family be disappointed or your boss unhappy?

Sure, you COULD bring them with you on your trip.

But then the trip is centered around when you're letting the dog out & skipping activities dogs can't join.

But wait, did you consider trying to find a housesitter?

That could work, but you worry they are so bored without you & they don't get the additional enrichment & socialization they need.

Shed Free Stay™ Boarding


Shed Free Play™ Daycare


Overnight sleepover Pawty

Shed Free Stay™

Care continues all night- no facility staff locking up at 9pm and returning the next morning.

appointments available: 8am-6pm

Daycare is included day of drop off and pick up!


$ 97
  • 1 year and up
  • 1:1 walks, enrichment activities, frozen kongs, doggie treadmill exercise, playtime


$ 114
  • 16 wks-1 year
  • 1:1 walks, enrichment activities, frozen kongs, doggie treadmill exercise, playtime


Shed Free Play™

Build & maintain your dog's social skills and provide this rich opportunity for play and exercise. 

appointments available: 8am-6pm


$ 47
  • 1 year and up
  • 1:1 walks, enrichment activities, frozen kongs, doggie treadmill exercise, playtime


$ 57
  • 16 wks-1 year
  • 1:1 walks, enrichment activities, frozen kongs, doggie treadmill exercise, playtime

please note:

Our waitlist currently has more than 75 families.

We interview new clients 1-2x a year

corinne gearhart with doodle breed dogs

The Doodle Pro

I'm Corinne and I was destined to work with doodles.

Always one to play by the rules, I got the fancy degrees and rose in my education and counseling career. I pushed my childhood dream of working with dogs aside. It was too impractical- I'm allergic to most of them! (heartbreaking!)

Into my life walked poodles and doodles and I haven't turned back! 

No other professional dog trainer has as much experience directly working with the variety and quantity of doodle mixes and I'm thrilled to share my hard-earned formal education and hands-on expertise to make your life with your doodle as joyous as it should be!

The doodle pro™ isn't for all dogs

Your dog is a fit if…

on the

Shed Free stay™ & shed free play™ guests:

– They are comfortable sleeping in a crate at night, even if they sleep every night in your bed

– You work from home & they've never been left alone for hours at a time or you work full-time and they nap all day

– They're coat doesn't shed.

– They love all dogs or they're more of a “people” dog and don't mind other dogs

– They are up to date on all vaccinations

– They're your best furriend

They do not:

– Shed

–  dislike other dogs or new people

  Have separation anxiety

– feel anxious or bark a lot in a crate

– hate to pawty!

Frequently Asked Questions

That's okay!  The younger the faster they adjust but adults do settle in nicely too (as long as they are usually relaxed around other dogs or new people). I recommend doing a daycare or two or a short overnight before a long stay to ensure they're most comfortable. 

Non-shedding doodles of all varieties are our most common guests.  We also enjoy our havanese, poodle, shih tzu, bichon, wheaten, maltese, Portuguese Water Dogs, and other non-shedding breeds. 

A Shed Free Stay™ is a easy stay for you to pack for! Please pack your dog's food (we don't want to introduce a new diet and upset their stomach), treats if they have allergies, and their leash/harness.  

Leave toys, bowls, crate, beds, etc. at home.  We've got an abundance sanitized and ready for your visit. 

No!  We find the long trips easiest for our guests as they really settle into a routine0 but hardest for US!  Why? They REALLY feel like part of our family and saying goodbye is the hardest.  Even monthlong stays end with a joyful reunion with their pawents. 

17 weeks is usually the youngest. They need to have finished their vaccination schedule (usually by 16 weeks) plus 1 week to build up immunities. 

Shed Free Stay™ Overnight boarding: No charge when cancelled up to two weeks in advance. 

When cancelled less than 14 days in advance, a charge for 50% of the stay is incurred. Full charge when cancelled within 24 hours of start of stay.

Shed Free Play™ Daycare: No charge when cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.  

The standard vaccinations of Rabies and DHPP plus Bordetella & flea and tick preventative year around. 

Holidays and Peak Rates

Shed Free Stay™ Overnight Boarding: Additional $10 per night

Shed Free Play™ Daycare: Additional $5 per visit

The Peak Rate dates for 2022 are:

Martin Luther King Day: January 17 – January 20
President's Day: February 14-18
School break: March 5-8
Spring Break: March 13-22
Memorial Day: May 22-25
CLOSED: June 19-28
4th of July: July 2-6
Labor Day: September 4-7
Fall Break: October 9-18
Thanksgiving: November 24-29
Winter Holidays and New Years: December 18 – January 5

The Peak Rate dates for 2023 are:

Martin Luther King Day: January 11 – January 17
President's Day: February 15-19
School break: March 7-10
Spring Break: March 15-24

CLOSED April 22-29

Memorial Day: May 24-27
4th of July: July 4-8
Labor Day: August 30 – September 2
Fall Break: October 11-20
Thanksgiving: November 27-December 1
Winter Holidays and New Years: December 20 – January 6

are you ready to travel worry free?

PLUS lots of freebies just for our waitlist members!

Lots of freebies just for members of our waitlist!