Doodles are Different

Yours deserves our exclusive services built just for them.

You've watched the YouTube training videos, tried the doggie daycare, attended a puppy class.

Allergies and your Dyson worked overtime when they returned home covered in lab hair.

The advice on the videos or from the class didn't seem to work- they just keep jumping on people.

You still worry about what would happen if someone accidently left the front door open.

doodles are

Save time and money by avoiding random trainers' advice and programs and go right to what WORKS for doodles

No more apologies when visitors are jumped on or when you can't hear your neighbor over the barking during walks. Guests can fall in love with your well-mannered doodle as much as you have! 

Even travel again guilt-free knowing they are in the best hands with fellow doodles romping around an allergy-free doodle trainer's home!

You deserve doodle-specific support and services.

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FOR devoted parents of doodles of all ages —

The Doodle Pro™ Society

You're ready to be seen as a skillful dog parent who should be proud of how well-mannered their doodle is with company and in public!

It's time to know what makes doodles different and have more training, grooming, health, and behavior success with yours!

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FOR all doodle parents —

The Doodle Pro™ Training Academy

Doodles are lifelong learners.  They don't want to drop out after Puppy Kindergarten!

You are already roommates with your best furry friend.  Let's make these years together the best years of both of your lives!

admissions opens soon!

FOR denver metro area —

Shed Free™ Boarding & Daycare

Introducing the only professional boarding program exclusively for non-shedding dogs- led by me, a pro trainer in a cozy home environment!

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kind words

“I now have someone I trust to answer all of my dog mom questions.”

Before working with Corinne, The Doodle Pro, I felt unsure and worried about my poodle puppy. I’d raised 3 kids but wasn’t sure if I’d be a good dog mom. Since working with Corinne for the last five years, I now have someone I trust to answer all of my dog mom questions and feel so much more confident. She even helped me navigate that second puppy decision (be sure to listen to that episode!) I'm so happy others across the country can now benefit from Corinne's expertise!

– Ruth S.- mom to Maisie & Rowdy

Top Ranking!

Topping Apple Podcast charts worldwide!

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The Doodle Pro™

The only dog training podcast just for doodles

I knew doodle parents were devoted- but even I didn't expect a doodle specific podcast to be such a smash out the gate!

(I'm sorry for underestimating you- that will never happen again!)

Consistently ranking top of the charts worldwide, The Doodle Pro™ Podcast is here to give you the doodle-specific answers to your top training, grooming, health, and behavior questions. 

(even the ones you didn't know you needed to ask!)


The top experts from around the world are thrilled to speak directly to doodle concerns on the ONLY podcast devoted to our special dogs.


I'm Corinne and I was destined to work with doodles.

Always one to play by the rules, I got the advanced degrees and rose in my education and counseling career. I pushed my childhood dream of working with dogs aside. It was too impractical- I'm allergic to most of them! (heartbreaking!)

Into my life walked poodles and doodles and I haven't turned back! 

No other professional dog trainer has as much experience directly working with the variety and quantity of doodle mixes and I'm thrilled to share my hard-earned formal training education and hands-on expertise to make your life with your doodle as joyous as it should be!

So- where to next?

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I'm in! I want the years I have to with my doodle to be as rewarding and joyful I know they can be.   I know my doodle doesn't want to drop out after puppy kindergarten. Take me to- 

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