#32: Separation Anxiety Explained with Malena DeMartini (Pt. 1)

In this dynamic interview, renowned Separation Anxiety expert Malena DeMartini explains what separation anxiety can look like, and most importantly, feel like, for our dogs.  Are you worried that their anxiety is your fault? Coddled them too much or did you let them sleep in your bed? Didn't crate them or leave the house enough? Find out answers to these questions and more with this interview!

Want to dive in and learn much more? Our guest gives our listeners an exclusive and generous discount on the at-home Separation Anxiety program for pet parents!
Self-Paced Course: Mission Possible The online, self-paced course, Mission POSSIBLE is the perfect place to start your separation anxiety journey.  Moderated by CSATs, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Separation Anxiety so you can get started.

Sign Up For Mission Possible at https://malenademartini.com/for-owners/separation-anxiety-in-dogs-mission-possible-online-course/ 

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Listen to Part 2 on Episode 34 where Melena DeMartini outlines what works and what DOESN'T in treating Separation Anxiety.

Read full transcript.

I submit my Aussiedoodle Bayley for Doodle of the Week. I would say one of the cutest things she does that everyone loves is her head tilt. Bayley goes to the park every morning where she plays with a group of neighborhood dogs and one of her besties is Sebastian. At home if we mention Sebastian, sometimes she roams the house looking for him or this morning she started crying (she hadn’t seen him for a few days 😂) Bayley is a dog who loves dogs, and her Sebastian.❤️

– Kristy Gomez

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