Ep #2: Should I Get a Second Dog: The best age, gender, and timing for adding a second dog

Are your kids begging for another puppy? Do you think your current dog would love a friend, or that a puppy would help resolve separation anxiety or an abundance of energy?

Today's episode will walk you through the questions to think through before taking the leap and share the BIGGEST mistake I see when people add a doodle puppy to their family with another dog.


  • Your “Why” (1:20)
  • How will your current dog fare? Does a second dog help with separation anxiety or with a reactive dog?(3:53)
  • Is it the right time and is your first dog the right age? (8:31)
  • Gender: Choosing a male or female (12:46)
  • Costs (14:08)
  • Biggest Second Dog Mistake (14:41)
  • The Joy a Second Dog Brings (16:36)

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