Review: Denver’s Fetch Photo Truck

I LOVE my dogs and I LOVE taking photos of them.

But having a black doodle is a challenge to even the most devoted hobbyist photographer. When I saw the Fetch Photo Truck‘s gorgeous images of other doodles, I had to see what he could do with my jet-black cavapoo Nestle. His work was ART.

My experience with Fetch Photo Truck

Booking was a breeze. Owner Ryan called after I signed up to learn more about Nestle… is he okay with flash? Is he nervous about loud sounds or new people? What was I hoping to get out of our session?

This personal touch during the onboarding process set my mind at ease knowing he wasn't trying to rush my dog in and out and be on his way. This was an experience. We both were invested in celebrating the uniqueness of my beloved dog and capturing that on film (do we still call it that…when it's all digital?).

When he arrived at my home with the mobile studio, I was awed! Nestle jumped right in and there was room for both of us to sit in the studio to make him comfortable.

Ryan's priority was making Nestle comfortable. I've done other professional photo shoots with my dogs and no other photographer took their time like this. He wanted to see if Nestle would give a wide smile and even took a break for a walk so Nestle could loosen up. When that didn't elicit a “smile”, Ryan played fetch enthusiastically. That did the trick!

Look at these results!


Denver area doods- check out @fetchphototruck ! 📷 I've never seen my black cavapoo Nestlé shine like this! 🖤 Mention “Doodle Pro”- for $50 off!

♬ original sound – Corinne- The Doodle Pro

I was so impressed with the results that I partnered with Fetch for a special discount for pet families in the Denver area. Mention “Doodle Pro” for $50 off!

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