Ep #7: How to stop a doodle from barking at everything: Learn how to quiet dog barking in your home from our guest Behavioral Veterinarian

When doodle dog barking drives you crazy, it helps to understand why your doodle is barking to know how to solve it most effectively! In this episode, Behavioral Veterinarian Dr. Sif Traustadottir, also known as Sif the Vet, shares her expert advice on how to quiet dog barking in your home and detect if there's underlying fear or anxiety causing it.  Dr. Sif also shares the worrisome health effects not addressing possible fear or anxiety can have on your dog, even if you have used collars or other devices to silence the symptoms. 

Do you cringe when the doorbell rings or worry about having your mic on during a zoom call?

Have you been researching dog bark control collars, considering vibrate or shock dog collars, dog bark silencers, and if dog bark collars are effective or humane? Are you currently using a citronella, vibrating, or shock collar, spray bottles, or cans of pennies, but want to know more scientific and modern answers?

Or have you wondered when dogs bark what are they saying? Is it confusing that your dog barks while their tail is wagging, your dog only barks until the door or gate opens, or when your dog barks at night?

This episode helps answer those doodle-barking questions  and more like:

  • Why is my doodle mix, bernedoodle, labradoodle, aussiedoodle, or goldendoodle barking a lot?
  • Why is my dog barking at nothing?
  • When dog barking drives you crazy
  • Dog barking noise complaint from neighbors
  • Why is my dog barking like crazy
  • How to stop a dog from barking at nothing?
  • How much dog barking is acceptable or is too much?
  • Why your dog is barking so much?

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