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doodle hate I the doodle pro podcast

#34: Doodle Hate

Learn more about the origin of anti-doodle bias and hate, the trends, and where I see Doodle mixes heading.  Understand what it's like for Doodle Parents who encounter this bias

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sheepadoodles sheepadoo sheepapoo I The doodle pro Podcast

#31: All About Sheepadoodles!

This bonus episode is a celebration of Sheepadoodles, (or Sheepapoos, Sheepadoos, or Sheepoodles!), with research-based education about what makes them unique. This episode will help deepen your understanding of your

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bernedoodle size temperment behavior and coat

#29: All About Bernedoodles!

The most requested Doodle breed breakdown- Bernedoodles! This year marks the 20th anniversary of their intentional breeding and they have rapidly become one of doodle lovers' favorites! This episode is

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Corinne Gearhart the doodle pro with her dog nestle

I'm Corinne and I was destined to work with doodles.

Always one to play by the rules, I got the advanced degrees and rose in my education and counseling career. I pushed my childhood dream of working with dogs aside. It was too impractical- I'm allergic to most of them! (heartbreaking!)

Into my life walked poodles and doodles and I haven't turned back! 

No other professional dog trainer has as much experience directly working with the variety and quantity of doodle mixes and I'm thrilled to share my hard-earned formal training education and hands-on expertise to make your life with your doodle as joyous as it should be!