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Have a relationship with your

furry best friend…

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I deliver Doodle-specific solutions in our   weekly episodes…

Where I welcome world-renowned experts in Training, Health, Diet, & Grooming

And share MY own favorite Doodle-training tips and insights.

5 star rating for the doodle pro podcast

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red cuddle cavapoo the doodle pro

“Best podcast I have found in 2022!!! Informative, clear, and covering all things I should know about my doodle that I don't normally have time to learn. 

Now I can learn as I take my dog on a walk. THANK YOU!”

5 star rating for the doodle pro podcast

-Tina R.

“Do you love doodles and enjoy podcasts? I cannot recommend this one enough! 

The Doodle Pro is a phenomenal trainer based in Colorado and only trains doodles of all mixes! If you’re looking for anything doodle related, tips and tricks and want to improve your relationship with your doodle, check out Corinne Gearhart!”

5 star rating for the doodle pro podcast

-Amanda V.

“In addition to her knowing doodles like nobody's business, her positive reinforcement tips and her guest's advice are helpful for anyone who wants to do well with their dog.”

5 star rating for the doodle pro podcast

-Lisa Spector

Latest Episodes:

“You have such a fun podcast, and we all really appreciate you spreading the word about R+ training! The world needs more of you!”

5 star rating for the doodle pro podcast

-Alex E.

“Game Changer! The Doodle Pro podcasts are a wealth of information and the expert conversations are fun to listen to and jam-packed with takeaways every doodle owner should know. 

I only wish this had been around a few years ago when our dood was a pup, but now that it is here, I'm soaking it in!”

5 star rating for the doodle pro podcast

-Dan O.

“Your relaxed conversational style really helped put us at ease. That was one of the most enjoyable podcasts we've had!”

5 star rating for the doodle pro podcast

-Marge Rogers

The Community

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Support from doodle parents who get it!  Our community never tires of cute pictures of your doodle or answering questions on what works and what doesn't.  

We get it. Doodles are different, and wonderfully so!

Exclusive access to live Q&A's with experts from around the world, on demand lessons, and to me, The Doodle Pro™!