Have you noticed...

Doodles have exploded in popularity...

But Traditional training & grooming advice often doesn't work as well for them?

Corinne Gearhart has devoted her career to finding what DOES work for Doodles.

She is driven to Bridge the Doodle Divide™ that exists between pet professionals and the families who love them. 

All of her training methods are positive, research-based, and Doodle-specific. The lessons she's learned can be appreciated by all dog lovers, though.

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Certified dog trainer and host of The Doodle Pro™ Podcast, Corinne Gearhart is the leading expert in training Doodle dogs. With her podcast topping the charts in an impressive 15 countries, Corinne's unparalleled expertise in Doodle mixed dogs and various Doodle mixes makes her the ultimate international authority on the subject. 

In 2017, she founded Shed Free Stay™, a boutique boarding program for non-shedding breeds, which sparked her passion for studying and training Doodles. Having spent over 15,000 hours perfecting her techniques for devoted Doodle parents, Corinne has personally worked with over 25 different Doodle mixes and earned multiple credentials and certifications in professional dog training.

With hundreds upon hundreds of grateful pet parents under her guidance, Corinne Gearhart is committed to treating all parents with respect and empathy. She is dedicated to “Bridging the Doodle Divide™” in the Pet Care Industry and offers online training courses and membership platforms, making her unparalleled expertise readily accessible.

As Seen In:

Option 1:

Doodle Hate

Groomers are turning away Doodles from their salons and Doodle parents find themselves shunned at dog sports or mocked by trainers. Groomers are frustrated by owners yelling about their matted dogs being shaved and rescues are facing a deluge of surrendered Doodles.  Corinne helps Bridge this Doodle Divide™ by helping pet parents and pet professionals better understand each other's perspectives.  


Option 2:

How Are Doodles Different?

The traditional training and grooming approaches aren't as successful with Doodles.  Corinne explains what both pet parents and pros could benefit to understand about Doodles' differences. 


Option 3:

Riches are in the Niches

Corinne was mocked when she narrowed her business to serving only Doodles. She shares how narrowing who she serves actually exploded her reach.



– How both pet parents and pet professionals can do better for these dogs

– What prospective pet parents should know before welcoming a Doodle into their home, and how Doodle Parents and trainers can meet Doodles' needs after they are home.

– Mistakes small business should avoid when narrowing their niche and identifying their specialty.

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Press Bio

Corinne Gearhart is an accomplished pet care industry leader and host of The Doodle Pro™ Podcast, which has topped the charts in 15 countries. She is renowned for her expertise in Doodle mixed dogs and the various Doodle mixes, making her the ultimate international expert on Doodles. Her Fear Free and positive reinforcement-based dog training methods have earned acclaim and support from pet parents worldwide. Corinne is committed to “Bridging the Doodle Divide™” in the Pet Care Industry through her online training courses and membership platforms. She resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband, two young boys, and her Cavapoo Nestle. 


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