38: How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Garbage on Walks with Author Simone Mueller (Pt 2)

Have you wondered why your dog is always scavenging for food or eats forbidden things off the ground? Some doodle mixes are even more prone to never being satisfied and will eat everything in sight- safe or not. Learn why in this part 2 of my interview with the author of “Don't Eat That”, trainer Simone Mueller.

Learn answers to questions like: 

  • Why is my dog always scavenging for food
  • Why does my dog eat everything
  • My dog eats everything off the ground
  • Why dog eats rocks
  • Why does my dog eat my pads
  • Why does my dog eat everything in sight
  • My dog eats poop on walks
  • How to stop dog from scavenging at home
  • How to stop dog scavenging on walks
  • Muzzle to stop dog scavenging
  • Why do dogs scavenge

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