#21: How to Stop Puppy Biting & How Long the Phase Lasts

Did you think you were bringing home a cute puppy but found a sharkadoodle had moved in instead? 

In this interview with a professional dog trainer, puppy training enthusiast, and owner of Canada's Dog Inspired training, Katherine Davidson, will save you from your little fur-covered raptor!

In this episode, you'll get answers to such questions as:
– When does puppy biting stop and how long does the phase last?
– Why does your puppy keep biting your feet and how to stop feet biting?
– Why is your puppy biting hard, growling, or biting too much?
– Puppy biting training that can end the bandaids
– Why is your puppy biting and jumping, biting leash, hands, legs, or clothes?
– What toys help reduce puppy biting?
– Do discipline or ecollars stop puppy biting?

Grab Katherine's free gift to you- Download her FREE Puppy Biting E-Book at https://doginspired.ck.page/33deec6335

You can find Katherine at https://www.doginspired.ca and follow her for more tips and tricks on her Instagram & Facebook.

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