#28: How to Handle Growling & Prevent Resource Guarding

how to prevent resource guarding and what to do if your dog growls the doodle pro with Karishma Warr

It is often a human reflex to scold or punish a dog for growling at someone or guarding objects. The multi-certified trainer and owner of Calm Canine Academy Karishma Warr, joins us from London to explain the more effective approach.  This conversation is light and enjoyable for its difficult topic and parents of dogs of ALL ages will find takeaways to use right away.

Dog Growls When Petted or Picked Up?

If you're concerned about growling, you'll find answers to questions like what to do when:
– A dog growls when petted
– A dog growls when picked up
– A dog is growling and showing teeth
– A dog is growling over food, bone, or toy
– A dog growls then licks

How to Prevent or Stop Resource Guarding?

You'll learn:
– Why is my dog growling at me all of a sudden?
– Why would a dog growl at someone?
– When a dog growls, what does it mean?
– How to get a dog not to growl?
– What does it mean when a dog resource guards?
– How to prevent resource guarding?
– How to stop resource guarding?

Follow this week's guest Karishma at instagram.com/calmcanineacademy and listeners can enjoy 20% off training services at https://www.calmcanineacademy.com/ with code “DoodlePro”.

Listen to the Full Transcript.

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Just checking in to make sure mom's doing okay. It's a lot of fun. Lastly, he loves to go to cafes or restaurants where he can sit outside and just be part of the action. I absolutely love my little Velcro doodle Ellio.”

Ellio's mom

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