Ep #6: How to Brush a Doodle: Best slicker brush, tools, and techniques to make sure your doodle never gets shaved (again!)

In this quick episode, I will walk you through the best doodle brushes, tools, and techniques to get your doodle the look you want while also keeping them comfortable and healthy. 

I answer doodle parents' top grooming questions including: 

  • What's the best slicker brush and how do you use a brush on a doodle?
  • What is the best grooming kit for a doodle?
  • How often does a doodle need grooming?
  • Why do groomers shave doodles' coats and why do they find mats even if I brush daily?
  • Which is the best detangler and when do I need to use it?
  • Can my doodle air dry after a bath?
  • What cut should my doodle get if I want to skip brushing?
  • Is your doodle embarrassed after grooming?
  • How to take care of a doodle's hair?

This episode is great for all people brushing and grooming goldendoodles, bernedoodles, labradoodles, sheepadoodles, aussiedoodles, cockapoos, cavapoos, yorkiepoos, australian labradoodles, cobberdogs, Portuguese Water Dogs, maltipoos, mini-goldendoodles, mini-labradoodles, and all poodle and poodle mixed dogs and puppies. 

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