Think you know how to brush your doodle? Think again!

Your Doodle Would LOVE You To Know This!

The Doodle Pro™ interviewed groomers across the country (off the record!). Here's what they wish doodle parents knew about BRUSHING!

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    "I think our week of getting him used to the brush was really helpful, so thanks for the advice!"

    Hillary C.

    Greenwood Village, CO

    What you get:

    Quick exposé of what groomers wish you knew about BRUSHING your doodle if they had the space and time to chat.

    Why Brushing?

    Your doodle wants to look great and for you to know how to take care of their coat in a comfortable way! They don't want to HAVE to get shaved or hurt from matts, but they understand that brushing a coat like their's IS more complicated than it looks!