Ep #11: Happy International Doodle Dog Day!

The Doodle Pro™ Podcast is thrilled to celebrate International Doodle Dog Day! This episode celebrates all of the doodles and the fabulous people that love them!  

Today’s episode is airing 2 days early to celebrate this holiday and the next 5 weeks will feature bonus Thursday episodes devoted to each of today's most popular doodle breed mixes.  The longest-running mixes Labradoodles and Goldendoodles each get a special episode. Then the most popular lapdog doodle Cavapoos (which Corinne is biased as that's her personal doodle Nestle’s mix!), followed by the more trendy mixes of bernedoodles, aussiedoodles, and the latest trend on the scene, sheepadoodles. 

This episode dives into what makes doodles so unique, trends, and Corinne's personal path to doodles.

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1:22 5 upcoming bonus episodes airing Thursdays

2:03 Short history of our doodles

4:20  Surge of doodles and trending mixes

5:34 Doodles to the allergy rescue!

7:22 Poodles, the OG's of allergy-friendly dogs

8:03 Doodles led Corinne into her dog training career

8:39 Corinne's first personal doodle, cavapoo Nestle

9:19 Why not just get a poodle?  

9:48 Doodle Personality Quiz

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have a pawsome day!


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