Finding Lost Pets in the Denver Area

lost pet denver tips
Do you live in the Denver area and are searching for your lost pet? We know this is a difficult time and we want to make things a little easier. Cherry Creek Pampered Pets compiled a list of local resources for you to help you reunite with your lost pet.
  1. Contact all local animal shelters. Many pets are found up to 10 miles away from where they were lost.  If you can, visit all of them as a description of your pet over the phone might not match someone else's verbal description.  Colorado shelters are only required to hold lost pets for 5 days, so you must act quickly.
    • A complete list of all local shelters is listed below.
  2. For missing pets in the Englewood, Centennial, Greenwood Village, or the Denver Tech Center area, post a missing pet alert to the Cherry Creek Vista Pet Parents Facebook group and any other neighborhood Facebook group you might belong to.
  3. Check to see if any of your neighbors have found your pet and/or post an “Urgent Alert” for your lost pet.
  4. Post fliers in your neighborhood and alert your neighbors. You can also place a sign in your yard to alert neighbors and others that your pet is lost.
  5. Complete a Lost Cat or Lost Dog registration on
  6. Contact your veterinarian.
  7. Visit your local shelters in person. Remember, lost pets only have to be held for 5 days in Colorado.  After the five-day hold, animals will be evaluated for adoption or transfer. Be sure to ask staff about your pet in case he or she has been placed in quarantine or another area not available to the public.

The following is a list of the nearest animal shelters for the 80111 zip code and surrounding areas. Pets often may be found up to 10 miles from the location they become lost.

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