Ep #14 (transcript): All About Labradoodles, Australian Labradoodles, & Bonus Breed Too!

This episode dives into all of the sorts of labradoodles, mini-labradoodles, Australian Labradoodles, mini-Australian Labradoodles, UK Labradoodles, Australian Service Dogs, and the new breed in development that originated from Australian Labradoodles! (just don’t call them a doodle or oodle!)

Learn more about their personalities, health issues, and coat types.

This episode features interview results from hundreds of Labradoodle, Australian Labradoodle, and Cobber Dog families from around the world. Below find pictures of some of the dogs referenced in the interview.

Jacqueline’s Labradoodle

Shalon’s Australian Labradoodle Naya

Kathy’s Australian Labradoodle, Oliver

Sarah’s Australian Labradoodles, Hazel and Raven

I am with our regular client, Teddy the Australian Cobber Dog!

australian cobber dog and the doodle pro



In today's bonus episode of The Doodle Pro Podcast, we are going to celebrate and learn more about the other most popular doodle mix- labradoodles! Did you know that there are several different categories of Labradoodles, even a descendant which isn't called a labradoodle at all, and does not want to be!

Jacqueline S

I chose mine as my ‘dream dog’ low shedding, great temperament, funny, fluffy, cute, intelligent, the list just goes on – love my girl soooo much – feel very lucky to have her in my life

The origin of labradoodles is Australia, which can confuse some people.  They can be mixed up with “Aussiedoodles”, with the similar name.  But Aussiedoodles are a cross between australian shepherds and poodles.  A VERY different dog indeed!

Linda W

We got Ripley by chance during the pandemic. She was the first doodle available. We didn’t even know what an ALD was….we kept telling people she was an Aussiedoodle. 

Genetics matter, which is why people are crossing breeds to gain the genetic features. Of the doodle mix. They want like intelligence. Non shedding, gregarious, friendly, et cetera. To hear more about this and what desirable. And maybe less desirable traits are essential. Poodle genetics spring. Listen to last week's Episode 12  to hear how the size and color of the poodle mixed into your doodle can bring some surprising traits beyond low shedding!

There's just too much rich history and information about Labradoodles to have time to review the poodle side of things today.

if you've ever tried to research Labradoodles, you probably got overwhelmed. The amount of labradoodle names like UK Labradoodle, Australian Service Dog, Minilabradoodle, australian labradoodle, or even the separate breed with similar lineage, the cobber dog.  The number of breedassociations formed, divided, and disbanded since their start in the 1980’s is enough to make any dog lover’s head spin!

Let's dive into the most common that you'll find.  The typical Labradoodles sometimes also called British labradoodle.

Those are traditionally bred with a combination of only poodle and Labrador. It could be done with a toy or miniature poodle to get a mini labradoodle. you can do multiple generations, which could have. A higher percentage of poodle, which is more common or a higher percentage of the Labrador, which is less common.

In a later episode, we'll discuss how to better understand generation or percentage lables like F1, F two. BB, et cetera. It can be pretty confusing. Labradoodles first came on the scene in Australia with Wally Conran in 1989. He complained that the standard poodles he tried to train to be guide dogs for families with allergies were not suited to be guide dogs. 

I find that a bit odd as poodles commonly serve as service dogs today

So he combined the Labrador with standard poodles and began the first planned prgraom of this mix. But people in need of his guide dogs didn't want them because they were referred to as mutts or mongrels, less quality than pure breds. So he held a press conference and started using the term labradoodle. And it took off from there.

Janet T. I have been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and I chose a labradoodle as a emotional comfort dog who helps keeps my mind off my noncurable disease with all her antics.

Labradoodles are very common today. Like other doodles, there is no breed standard and the mixes, sizes, coat types, and temperament can vary.  

Paula M.The conflict of Labrador and poodle is class and gives us regular laughs- dead chilled but a real hyper greyhound, well behaved and dead naughty in the same breath, sweet/caring/kind or dead arrogant depending on who she's dealing with!

In the 1980’s there was an attempt to better the labradoodle by adding the cocker spaniel in. This version is called the Australian Labradoodle, or ALD for short. In fact, some genetic testing and multi-generational labradoodle, Australian Labradoodles have found up to 22 different breeds, mixed out the primary breeds that have been used to create the original Australian Labradoodles. Included Labradors English Cocker Spaniels and American Cocker Spaniels, Curly coated retrievers And an Irish water spaniel.

If you're looking between a a labradoodle and an Australian labradoodle, you're going to find in general, a more consistent size and coat. With the cocker texture added and the longer lines, you’re more likely to get a wavy coat that still doesn’t shed. 

More modern lines of the Australian labradoodl carries only the DNA of the Labrador, poodle and Cocker spaniel, either the English or American Cocker spaniel. This can be achieved with crossing two australian labradoodles, a poodle australian labradoodle cross, a cockapoo to a lab, a labradoodle crossed with cocker spaniel, etc.  All result in this three breed combinations.  After 5 generations of non-shedding australian labradoodles crossed with nonshedding australian labradoodles, you officially have a “multigenerational australian labradoodle”. 

The Australian labradoodle association of America Was established in 2004 and is working on creating a firmer breed standard so that when you get an Australian labradoodle, You know what you're getting.

Sarah N

Gentle, calm, loving, clever, people-orientated dogs, with the bonus of their beautifully silky soft, non-shedding coats. Much more predictable in temperament, coat type and size, than a first cross labradoodle. My ALD girls are wonderful dogs, my shadows and so easy to live with….can’t ever imagine not having an ALD (or 2) in our home.

Danae M.

My first dog was a cocker spaniel. I knew when I lost him I could never replace him with a new cocker. So when so found out about the ALD breed and learned it was a combo of all my favorite breeds and it included cocker, I couldn’t pass it up. The best choice I ever made. I will never own a different breed again. My ALD may or may not fit all the stereotypes. She is brilliantly naughty, and may have some Dennis the Menus in her blood! But the entertainment is endless!

The amounts of clubs and associations developed and disbanding is regarding Labradoodles is quite overwhelming and would be a whole series Of episodes. and that's again just sinceThe 1980s. People are very passionate about their Labradoodles and trying to preserve The original purpose of the breed as service and therapy animals.  Some of those really feel like the mix went off the rails without a standard, including Wally himself. 

After Australian labradoodle started with the Cocker spaniel infusion, the irish softcoated wheaton was infused into some labradoodle lines in 2004. This was done to avoid the chronic ear infections many doodle families are familiar with and create a stockier build.

Beverley Rutland-Manners claims to be the mastermind behind that cross and what would later be called the Australian Cobberdog. Her website states,  “Not many people know this, but when I submitted the developing pure breed for acknowledgement by the master dog, breeders and associates (MTBA), In 2011, it was under the name Australian labradoodle. The MTBA Advises me that the name has such a stigma attached to it It would never be accepted By any all breeds, pure dog registry in the world, including the MTBA. But they also said that my very lengthy submission and meticulous records would be accepted. If I came up with a different name.

Beverly explained that cobber is a colloquial term for buddy or friend in Australia, so she changed the name to Australian Cobber Dog. As many breeds become distinctly different from their original heritage, Cobber dog loyalists argue their breed is not a oodle or doodle mix at all. 

In fact, they are the first mix with poodles that has created  their own DNA sequence, stud registry, and breed standard to be formally recognized as a breed in development in modern times

Cobberdogs are bred to be more therapy focused, with a tendancy to hold eye contact and be in tune with their owners. They have a fleecier coat and are often called a dog with human eyes.

When I polled cobberdog families, i was struck by the resistance to being lumped in with “doodles.” Owners wanted to push back on the common saying that their cobberdogs were “australian labradoodles, but special.”

Cheryl V said Cobberdogs are not Doodle dog’s. they are a breed in their own right

Alana C. stated

I feel like if you're going to mention the Cobberdog then it needs to be by distinguishing them as a breed in their own right and not under the Doodle banner. Breeder's and owner's alike have tried and continue to try to ensure that people understand the difference. They are not an Oodle cross-breed as they have more than 2 breeds in their development but now resemble none of them. The only similarity now is that they share the same genetic furnishings giving them that similar teddy bear look as Oodle cross-breeds. I own 2 Cobberdogs and 1 Labradoodle and while they're all lovely dogs in their own right, there is a clear difference between them but a strong similarity between the Cobberdogs. I admire what you're trying to do but ask that if you would like to add them to your episode then please distinguish them as a recognised breed in development and a better alternative if people are looking for a breed that is recognised by a governing body (MDBA) and looking for consistency within the breed.

Cobberdog often point to their breed as different from labradoodles as they feel the cocker spaniel infusion and less strict breeding programs have created a more uneven temperament. 

Lisa TI picked the Cobberdog as it is not an oodle. The Cobberdog is a breed in development. The Cobberdog has its own DNA sequence and breed standard. You have to be a registered breeder with the MDBA otherwise you have no right to call the dog you have bred a Cobberdog it is probably and oodle bred to whatever standards. The Cobberdog has also been infused with different dogs and is not just a poodle and another dog put together to get whatever. She continued, Unfortunately for the oodle breed there has been and will be abused animals due to the dogs being puppy farmed not so with the Cobberdog. Lastly if your a dog lover you should really stay away from oodles unless your 100% sure that the person who bred your dog is not a backyard breeder who is not over breedingto make money and turn out dogs with health issues as they have never been tested for genetic conditions. The last point is a big reason why I got a Cobberdog.

Jim G shared 

We wanted a gentle small dog with a sweet disposition. Sammie was a perfect fit. Everyone in the US, thinks she is a labradoodle. We try to explain the difference, primary of which is she has all the traits the breed is suppose to have and none of bad traits found in improperly bred doodles.

Many dogs have very little in common with the lines they started from, and Cobberdog loyalists say that’s the case with their dogs. 

You’ll find labradoodles and Australian Labradoodles as the most common right now, but Cobberdog breeders say they are going for quality over quantity. I can share I’ve worked with hundreds of labradoodle and australian labradoodles in the U.S., and have worked with one Cobberdog!  I believe she described her sweet boy Teddy as “Like a labradoodle, it’s hard to explain.” He does have the most human eyes though!

I will include pictures of Teddy and Jenny T’s therapy labradoodle in the show notes. 

Next week’s bonus episode will feature my very own Nestle’s mix, cavapoos!  His mix is near and dear to my heart, but I’ll TRY to be objective.  

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