Doodle Dog Grooming Near Me

Do you have a doodle dog? Their coat can be trickier to care for than you expected. Find out what they need before they visit a local groomer.

They need to see a groomer more often than you think

When you wait longer than 4-5 weeks between grooms, the groomer needs to recreate the shape from scratch. They also are able to maintain your doodle's teddy bear look and avoid the shave down with regular cuts.

Listen to grooming industry expert River Lee in this interview explain why!

A slicker brush is only the first step.

A slicker brush with polished ends is the best way the keep the mats away and work through ones as they are discovered. You need to be able to slide a greyhound comb through the skin to check for mats.

To learn how to brush your doodle's coat, listen to this episode!

Here are the best groomers for doodles in the Denver area.

Here are the best groomers for doodles in the San Diego area.

Shoot me a DM on Instagram if you'd like your city's top doodle groomers to be featured next!

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