Ep #5: Advocate for Your Doodle Around Children: Even doodle mixes can bite a child, learn how to create a safe relationship between kids and your dog

On this episode, I interview child and dog expert and trainer Michelle Stern, owner of Pooch Parenting.  Michelle helps dispel common and oftentimes dangerous myths surrounding child and dog safety and empowers parents to keep their children safe and their dogs relaxed when combining the two in one household. 

Michelle and I address doodle-specific issues and genetics to consider when looking to add a doodle to your family or to keep in mind when managing and training a doodle around children. 

Supportive and informative, this episode is rich with great takeaways from anyone who has a child who might be near a dog or has a dog who might be near a child!

Download Michelle's free checklist “Why Did My Dog Growl at My Toddler?” at poochparenting.net/why-did-my-dog-growl-at-my-toddler/.

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