Dog Treadmill Review

You might have seen our social media posts of our newest enrichment tool for our guests, a dog treadmill!

@doodlemomstudio As long as a favorite hooman is near, Hobbs is happy to run to them on the treadmill! No peanut butter or leash needed! @dogpacer_treadmill #dogs ♬ Running (To You) – Chiké & Simi

When it's too cold, too hot, or too rainy for a long invigorating walk for a pup, the dog treadmill does the job! I'm a great walker but running has never been my speed. Some of our adult dog guests are really ready to run the distance and the dog treadmill has been a blast for them! Puppies have been thrilled to do shorter turns and have been more regulated in their play with some edge taken off of their energy levels. This has helped for more productive training sessions and healthier play with furriends.

Easy to reach controls as you face and reward your dog.

The dog treadmill does not replace all walks or socialization, but it IS a great supplement!

@doodlemomstudio Starting New Years healthier! ?#minisheepadoodle @dogpacer_treadmill ♬ Work Out – Work Out (I Love Exercise) [feat. Paul Koudouris] – Liz Wakefield

Safety panels keep your dog from accidently walking off the side.

We've noticed the following after regular use on the dog treadmill:

  • Healthier play after a workout
  • More focused training
  • Reduced anxiety and nervousness
  • Weight loss and increased muscle tone in dogs instructed to lose weight
  • Heavy and deep sleep overnight
  • Better leash behavior on outdoor walks with less pent-up energy

When I say “treadmill”, Nestle literally runs right on it and waits for his turn to begin!

All of our guests are offered dog treadmill training and up to 10-minute turns. Let us know if you'd like to book additional workout time on the dog treadmill in addition to our regular walks, sniffari's, and romp time!

Order yours today from our Shop!

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