Corinne’s Favorite Things: Flirt Pole for Dogs

As The Doodle Pro™, I have personally tried nearly every dog or cat product out there. Caring for hundreds and hundreds of dogs (especially doodles) and cats, I've personally sampled almost every pet item out there. I'm thrilled to share my favorites with you so you can enjoy the best out there, and save your money and time with the rest.

Flirt Poles

Our son with our puppy Nestle.

One of my favorite tools to burn energy on inclement weather days (super hot, rainy, or cold) is the flirt pole.

A flirt pole is a fishing pole-looking toy with a bungee cord connecting a pole and an enticing toy that draws your dog in. Whipping it around the family room targets their prey drive and is a great way to work your dog out when a walk just won't do.

It's also a fantastic tool for training “drop it”!

Flirt Poles with Puppies

Anyone who's had a puppy is familiar with the nips on their pant legs, socks, or shoelaces. Or when their puppy gets the “zoomies” and can't seem to settle. Or even when your puppy can't stop chasing the children or herding them.

This is when the flirt pole comes to the rescue. Redirect the chasing and nipping to a healthy option. And the distance the pole gives you from the puppy chasing keeps you out of harm's way while still part of the solution and the fun.

View our son with our puppy Nestle playing with the flirt pole outside here:

Our yard looks like a greyhound track here!

Which Flirt Pole is the Best?

If your dog is larger or stronger, we recommend the Squishy Pole.

If your dog is smaller and you don't need as strong of a toy, the Outward Hound one works great.

As part of their #ShedFreeStay, I've personally cared for hundreds of doodles, (including goldendoodles, bernedoodles, cavapoos, poochons, labradoodles, australian labradoodles, schnoodles, sheepadoodles, aussiedoodles, really all the kinds of doodles!), soft coated wheaten terriers, havanese, maltese, westies, schnauzers, poodles, and more. The pet sitting company I founded cared for almost every breed and size of dog and cat through our dog walking and cat sitting services. I'm thrilled to share what I've learned with other pet parents.

New Puppy? Check out our New Puppy Shopping List for our recommendations on what you need (and what you don't)!

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