Colorado Squirrel Tests Positive for Bubonic Plague

A town in Colorado's Jefferson County, Morrison, has announced that a squirrel has tested positive for the bubonic plague. It is the first case of plague in the county this year.

“Plague is an infectious disease caused bythe bacteria Yersinia pestis, and can be contracted by humans and household animals if proper precautions are not taken,” officials from Jefferson County Public Healthy said in a public statement.

Humans can be infected with the bubonic plague through bites from infected fleas or from bites or a cough from an infected animal.

Jefferson County advises that cats are most at risk of falling ill with the disease, but both cats and dogs may pick up and carry the infected fleas.

prairie dogs and bubonic plague in colorado
Prairie dogs have tested positive for the bubonic plague in Colorado in recent years.

“All pet owners who live close to wild animal populations, such as prairie dog colonies or other known wildlife habitats, should consult their veterinarian about flea control for their pets to help prevent the transfer of fleas to humans.”

With all of the prairie dogs, rabbits, and squirrels in our area, we want your pets to be safe and protected.

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