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For my client teams who have brains with bicker coats, it’s doing that every day. Assessment, feeling fur, lumps, bumps. Are there any mats

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Corinne Gearhart- The Doodle Pro™: Lot of our doodles have some Velcro tendencies. Where are you able to go to the bathroom alone? Probably not.

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[00:00:00] Corinne Gearhart- The Doodle Pro™: And I remember talking to his mom who was just so distraught and upset, and this is their first family

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Discover the benefits of reward-based dog training in our comprehensive guide, which focuses on creating positive experiences for your pet while improving their behavior.

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Ep 42- Transcript

Read full show notes here. Transcript: (Autogenerated) [00:00:00] Corinne Gearhart- The Doodle Pro™: There is a legend amongst pet parents that vet. Get lots

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