Countdown Expired!

You've watched the YouTube training videos and attended a puppy class.

The advice on the videos or from the class didn't seem to work- they just keep jumping on people.

Did they forget what you trained or are they ignoring you?

doodles are

Save time and money by avoiding random trainers' advice and programs and go right to what WORKS for doodles

No more apologies when visitors are jumped on or when you can't hear your neighbor over the barking during walks. Guests can fall in love with your well-mannered doodle as much as you have! 

Your doodle can listen to you the FIRST time while building your trust and strengthening your relationship at the same time. 

They can run on a little less Red Bull and RELAX!

You deserve doodle-specific support and services.

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FOR all doodle parents —

Enjoy Your Calmer Dog's Polite Paws!

Let this be the LAST holiday season you apologize to your guests for your doodle jumping on them.  Feel proud of how well-mannered your doodle is and walk in the door without being knocked down!

Teach your Doodle how to choose calmness & proudly take them WITH you places, knowing they'll pay attention & listen wherever you are.

5 weeks of Doodle-specific training lessons on:

  1. Doodle body language secrets
  2. How to motivate your doodle more effectively while building an even stronger relationship
  3. How to get your doodle to listen to you the FIRST time- yes… even if there's a squirrel!
  4. Choosing calmness- have a relaxed doodle in ANY environment
  5. The payoff your guests will appreciate the most- calm greetings!

($650 value!)


  • Easy step-by-step training games ($385 value)
  • FIVE Live Q&A's with Corinne, the Doodle Pro™, including reviews of your training videos ($650 value)
  • Live Q&A's with Corinne, The Doodle Pro including reviews of your training videos ($380 value)
  • Private community of other Polite Paw students for support and celebration ($100 value)
  • Train from home without distractions & on your own schedule
  • Fear Free, humane, science and positive reinforcement based

Total Value: $1,785!

Instead you get it for: $495 $248.50

50% off!!

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“I now have someone I trust to answer all of my dog mom questions.”

Before working with Corinne, The Doodle Pro, I felt unsure and worried about my poodle puppy. I’d raised 3 kids but wasn’t sure if I’d be a good dog mom. Since working with Corinne for the last five years, I now have someone I trust to answer all of my dog mom questions and feel so much more confident. She even helped me navigate that second puppy decision (be sure to listen to that episode!) I'm so happy others across the country can now benefit from Corinne's expertise!

– Ruth S.- mom to Maisie & Rowdy

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I'm Corinne and I was destined to work with doodles.

Always one to play by the rules, I got the advanced degrees and rose in my education and counseling career. I pushed my childhood dream of working with dogs aside. It was too impractical- I'm allergic to most of them! (heartbreaking!)

Into my life walked poodles and doodles and I haven't turned back! 

No other professional dog trainer has as much experience directly working with the variety and quantity of doodle mixes and I'm thrilled to share my hard-earned formal training education and hands-on expertise to make your life with your doodle as joyous as it should be!