Best Slow Feeders and Food Puzzles for Your Doodle

Slow feeders are an excellent way to give your dog a rewarding (food!) task, give them a productive sniffing and foraging outlet, slow down rapid eaters, and reduce destructive behaviors. Read about the benefits below and find our favorite picks to help your dog slow down and have some fun!

Brain Work

Physical exercise isn't the only thing your dog needs to be well-behaved and relaxed. Dogs need to be challenged mentally too! While training one-on-one is fantastic, using their meal as a lure for exercising their mind is another great tool. We love to use slow feeders and treat dispensers in crates or Xpens when we need to give our dogs some quiet time.

Reduce Anxiety and Boredom

Foraging is a natural instinct for your dog. A bowl of fresh dog food or kibble doesn't give the opportunity to practice foraging in a healthy way. We love to use slow feeders and treat dispensers in crates or Xpens when we need to give our dogs some quiet time.

Prevent Bloat

Bloat can be a fatal condition that most frequently affects deep barrel-chested dogs, such as larger doodles, golden retrievers, basset hounds, boxers, Great Danes, Labrador retrievers, St. Bernard, Weimaraners, chow, collie and Afghan hounds (or any dogs mixed with one of these breeds).

Among the top recommendations to prevent bloat is to slow down eating to reduce gulping and gas. Slower and or smaller meals are one of the best ways to avoid this possibly fatal condition.

Fantastic for dogs on restricted exercise as a result of surgery or recovery from injury.

Is your dog on restricted movement due to an injury or recovering from a surgery like being fixed or spayed? As you know, it's so hard to keep them settled without being able to physically exercise. These tools can help!

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball – Adjustable Dog Treat Ball 

Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy


PetSafe Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom Dog Toy

AWOOF Snuffle Mat Pet Dog Feeding Mat, Durable Interactive Puzzle Dog Toys Encourages Natural Foraging Skills

PAW5: Wooly Snuffle Mat

Here's a simple video explaining how to introduce your dog to a snuffle mat:

Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

Want to try the treats that will motivate your doodle the MOST? Click here!

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