Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

Get the gifts for your dog they are sure to love!

As the exclusive providers of the #Shedfreestay boarding service and the top dog walkers in the Greenwood Village area, we have tried almost every dog product. Below you may find the tried and true products we can confidently say your dog will love!


Dogs love this squirrel puzzle, pulling them out and squeaking the squirrels is a game they like to play over and over.


We love the Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tosser. It's hard to be away from your pup when you're at work and we love this interactive way to see them and let them know you care.


This treat puzzle is always a hit!


This snuffle mat is a great way to get some brainwork in. We scatter treats or even dinner inside and they forage their way to fun!


Dogs roll this treat dispensing toy all over our house, gobbling up the surprise goodies that sprinkle out.


Bully sticks are always a fav, and these are low odor so your house doesn't have to stink while they happily gnaw away.


Arm getting tired? The Chuck It‘s a classic for a reason!


We've recommended a lot of treat dispensers, these treats are always a hit and fit in all of them perfectly.

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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