Before There Was Pampering Doodles, There Was Our Poodle

Our late Standard Poodle Hershey was named for her chocolate color (whoops, that quickly faded to silver beige) and for Chris' Pennsylvanian roots. We wanted a family dog that didn't aggravate our family's mild allergies, and a poodle came highest recommended.

puppy licking boy's face
Tiny Hershey loving on a tiny Gavin.

Her zest for life was infectious! She love joining hikes and moving to Colorado was the perfect thing for her.

mom and boys with poodle
Hiking Colorado

To channel her energy in a positive way, we tried various daycares. The giant kennel environments overwhelmed her and when she came home covered in lab and husky hair, those family allergies were triggered. We couldn't find a place to board her for trips the way we would want for our baby girl.

poodle and owner of dog walking company in colorado
Corinne and her Hershey

Hershey became the inspiration for our #shedfreestay! When we couldn't find an allergy friendly and loving boarding environment for our girl, we wanted to provide that for others.

She couldn't have been happier meeting all of her new furriends and making them feel like her home was their's.

Our love of pampering pets then grew to the most respected dog walking and cat sitting service in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

We recently adopted Cavapoo puppy Nestle, and true to form, she welcomed him home right away. They became inseparable and she taught him how to be a welcoming and loving host.

Hershey teaching young Nestle how to fetch.

poodle and cavapoo puppy playing in Colorado

In 2018, we learned Hershey had a congenital liver issue, but she fought hard to give us more time together. In October 2020, she passed of liver failure, just shy of her sixth birthday.

We will always remember the lessons she taught us.

Have wild hair? Don't care!

poodle haircut

When mom says you wear matching Christmas jammies, you wear matching Christmas jammies.

woman and dog in Christmas costumes

Most importantly, love your family fiercely and deeply.

redhead boy and dog

We are so grateful for the furriends we met through our love of Hershey. We hold all the pets in our care closer and tighter in memory of her.

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