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I'm Corinne,
The Doodle Pro™

Doodles are different. they deserve someone who knows what they need.

I get it.  You've tried training your doodle with what worked well with other dogs or for other trainers. 

(Maybe you've noticed that didn't get your doodle as calm or happy as you hoped.)

That's why we do things differently at The Doodle Pro™.

All of my training methods are positive, research-based, and doodle specific.

"Impressive knowledge & advice! I'm so blown away by Corinne's extensive knowledge and passion for doodles and how she understands their unique personality."
Kylie M.
Podcast Listener

Do you...

  • Want a happier sheepadoodle?
  • Wish your bernedoodle would stop jumping?
  • Feel badly when your cockapoo hides behind your legs?
  • Cringe when you hear your labradoodle bark at the neighbors again?
  • Feel disappointed in your goldendoodle's haircut… again?

science based

You're not alone!

At The Doodle Pro™, we know that many doodle parents are having difficulties with their doodle’s jumping, barking, pulling, and matting- which leads to feeling embarrassed and frustrated and holding them back from proudly involving their beloved dog in their everyday life out and about and with guests over.

But we believe that doodle-specific positive reinforcement training and draw on our professional dog training and doodle parent educating to provide the solution to a more joyful and fulfilling life with their dog.

The Doodle Pro™ is different, just like our doodles.

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GET TO KNOW ME — in a nutshell

What do we believe in?

The Doodle Pro's Core Values

  • We do not use shame or embarrassment to educate.
  • Both doodles and humans deserve compassion and understanding and to have their limits respected.
  • Doodle parents do the best with what they know.
  • We only use and endorse research-backed humane and positive reinforcement methods.
  • Both doodles and their humans are meant to enjoy their partnership, and feel loved, comfortable, and fulfilled together. 

The Doodle Pro's Mission Statement

The Doodle Pro™ teaches doodle parents how to both turn their unruly roommate into the well-mannered best friend they’ve always wanted and how to use continued training with their more polite dog to grow their relationship and deepen their special bond.

 Through positive reinforcement training methods and leading with clear communication, understanding, and kindness, they can then access a more joyful and rewarding life together. 

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