42: Feeding Your Doodle: Expert Tips from a Veterinarian (Pt 1)

Answers are coming fast and furious on part one of Corinne's interview with Dr. Em of Vet Med Corner, known for her popular – and trustworthy – weekly YouTube advice program. The Canadian veterinarian is answering Host Corinne Gearhart’s Top Ten questions about how to nourish our Doodles in the perennial quest to keep them fit, strong and – most of all – happy!

  • “People can call themselves dog nutritionists, pet nutritionists – anything – and none of those titles are protected at all. Any person can slap that label on themselves and run.” (Dr. Em)

You’ll learn how to assess prescription dog food, whether it’s worth the expense, and why consulting reputable sources is so important. Dr. Em also shares her thoughts on how to help our pets maintain a healthy weight; highlights helpful tools and resources; and offers science-based tips that will keep even the most finicky eaters on track for long-term vibrancy and great health!

“The majority of experts will agree on the majority of things. If you find a lone voice going against the majority of experts, the likelihood of them being correct is incredibly low.”

– Dr. Em


  • Word to the Wise: Check the credentials on your “pet nutritionist.” Anyone can claim that label without having to meet any regulatory requirements. Look for an international diplomate or PhD training. 
  • About Dr. Em’s training within the Canadian educational system and her years of practice and ongoing education.
  • Question #1: Is It True that Vets Only Get One Hour of Nutrition Training?
    • Veterinary accreditation requires a multi-pronged nutrition education.
    • Nutritional elements are woven into many related medical courses.
    • The myth that vets take only a single one-hour class sponsored by Purina is … a myth! 
    • There are no commercial kickbacks underwriting multi-hundred-thousand dollar tuition debt!
  • Question #2: What’s the Deal with Prescription Dog Food?
    • Vets are paid for exams, treatment plans, procedures – not pet food sales.
    • Nutritional prescriptions are based on individual vet research.
    • Product recommendations are designed to increase longevity and quality of life.
    • Treatment plans are based on the best available reading, education and expert consultation.

“I do not have time, funding or the knowledge to make medications myself, to make foods myself or make machines that read bloodwork. I need products in order to support my patients.”

Dr. Em
  • Question #3: Are Veterinary Foods Superior?
    • Their quality is enhanced by specificity of ingredients.
    • Pets with targeted needs require food with targeted supplements.
  • Question #4: Is There Really a Difference Between Puppy and Adult Dog Foods?
    • The growth curb between smaller and large dogs – along with nutritional needs – differ significantly in terms of:
      • Calorie density.
      • Calcium-phosphorous ratios and levels.
    • Today’s size-selected formulas really do make a difference, particularly during growth years.
    • Smaller breed puppies need small-breed formulas and the same goes for giant dogs as well. 

Tune in for part two next week to learn answers to questions like:

  • Where Should We Go for Reputable, Reliable Advice?
  • Is “Human-Grade” dog food special?
  • How can I get my Doodle to eat the right food?
  • Is it okay to use “toppers” to dress up a meal?
  • How do I figure out exactly how much to feed my Doodle? 


“We use our education and our reading and consulting with experts in order to formulate the best treatment plans we can.”

– Dr. Em

“(Look) for people with actual expertise and be really critical about where information is coming from.”

– Dr. Em


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