#26: How to Train Frustrated Greeter to Stop Barking on Leash

Feel prouder of your doodle's behavior on walks and start enjoying walks in your neighborhood again! Find out if your dog frustrated greeter on leash and what to do!

In part 3 of our discussion of leash reactivity and barking and lunging on walks, guest trainer Victoria Baker explains why dogs who aren't fearful or anxious are pulling and barking when they see another dog.   Learn how to meet their needs and how to their pulling and barking on walks. 

Frustrated Greeter Dog Training

This episode answers questions including:
– Why does my dog bark when seeing other dogs but seems happy once we reach them?
– Should I let my dog meet other dogs on walks?
– What is a frustrated greeter?
– Is my dog a frustrated greeter?
– How to deal with a frustrated greeter dog?
– Is a frustrated greeter reactivity?

Catch part 1 of my interview where we discuss WHY dogs bark and lunge on leashes at https://thedoodlepro.com/24.

Listen to part 2 of our interview where Victoria explains HOW to help dogs who are barking on walks due to fear or anxiety at https://thedoodlepro.com/25.

Learn more about our guest Victoria Baker at https://www.fureverbehavior.com/

Read the full transcript.

why is dog barking and lunging on walks the doodle pro podcast with victoria baker
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